P1040731For our second voyage to the Isles of Scilly1001527_10151826012207525_320538000_n (2) we were hoping for similar weather and great sailing and we got it. We also got to sail995459_10151826032222525_879143099_n with three awesome families.603030_725526934140029_1700262127_n (2)552629_725529944139728_1502551145_n (2) The third family cruised on Eve of St Mawes alongside us. We would tend to eat together in the evenings all round Grayhound’s massive Oak table,533658_725529417473114_153173801_n (2) it was raucous but wonderful. Memories for us of a wonderful summer holiday , we hope971543_10151826004417525_1914630352_n (2) our families enjoyed it just as much. For Malachi he had so many play mates  the kids gravitated together playing all the time. An adventurous bunch they were all, swimming to the shore, walking around the islands and sailing the Grayhound so well together as a team. Thank you to the Winkfield and the Hackett families. Special thanks to the girls( and Hugo)  for a wonderful explore on St Martins one morning, i shall never forget it, Corsica pine woods, produce for sale on the side, Cape Gooseberries, fresh bread, blue coves and sandy spits. Getting lost and finding our way, the hot tarmac and returning back to the beach really enjoyed it.

Freya signing out.