Family & Group booking discounts

Ask for the ‘Swallows and Amazons’ Family Package Aimed at families of 4 or 5.  As long as there are a minimum of TWO full fare paying adults, two children (of school age and still attending school ages 5-18) can sail for HALF PRICE. Children under 5 as part of a ‘Swallows and Amazons’ family package can come sailing on Grayhound for FREE. Ask for the ‘Dolphin Pod’ Mini Family Package We recognise it can be difficult to take the whole family on holiday for a multitude of reasons. It is not unusual for one child and parent to be mad keen on a sailing adventure whilst other siblings or partners are really not into it. We have a ‘mini family’ price package for any mother and daughter, father and daughter, grandfather and grandson type combination… long as the child’s legal guardian approves. One full priced adult and oneschool age child at 75% of full price.  Ask for the  ‘Wahoo and Flying Fish’ Adult Package Never fear, we can do sophisticated travel experiences for groups of adults too….and you can still benefit by booking as a group of 5. With 4 full paying adults, a 5th adult can come FREE ‘Divvie out’ the discount between you. – See more at:...

The Atlantic blog written by crew member Chris

Grayhound is run by a young family. As Grandpa in that family, I used my Christmas holiday this year to sail with them across the Atlantic from Cape Verde to Barbados. A chance to share the benefits of all Marcus and Freya’s hard work over the last three years. What a trip it turned out to be!   Uncharacteristically light weather – a strong bond in the group – the unique three-masted lugger Grayhound – plus the unexpected. It was a safe, well managed passage but fair weather does not mean without incident. I will try to convey the experience of an ocean passage on Grayhound – and how problems get dealt with.   27th December. Day 4 out of Praia, I’m on 8-11 pm watch with Tobi – Grayhound rolling along at six and a half knots in the long swell. Standing bare-foot, left hand on the tiller, right holding tiller line. Warm NE wind, force 4, wind on the quarter. Exhilarating sense of channelling balanced forces in a powerful forward surge. Dark timeless outline of a traditional vessel, rakish rig, blocks and heavy tackle. Steady rumble of the bow wave, the creak of blocks and thrum of sails. Another sound too, a child is crying. It’s coming from Malachi. In the subdued light of the pilot house I can see the forms of my grandson and Marcus snuggled together on the leeward seat. Both running high temperatures – My daughter kneeling beside them squirting water into Malachi’s mouth to keep him hydrated. Everyone else is sleeping.  Marcus needed nerves and leadership skills akin to a 18th century...

Grayhound in the Cape Verde Islands

Grayhound arrived in Palmeira on the island of Sal. Palmeira is a small fishing village with a new break water. Small cruise ships are starting to come, tourism is in its infancy but feels like it’s growing quickly. With no hotels there one of our voyage crew stayed in a local fisherman’s house in the village prior to coming on board. Locals are keen to make money from the visitors but with a friendly approach . Here in this tiny village life goes on around you and its a pleasure to witness it. Fisherman sell their fish on the quay, peoples homes are basic and open to see. Little tiny front rooms sell basic dry goods, the odd tin of this or that. The bakery is a tiny concrete room with a bed in the corner and a few loafs under some tea towels. We took a bus ride to the bigger town a short bus ride away to try and find fresh fruit and veg. The buses are all Toyota Hias and they are every where. They hover around touting for trade until the bus is full and off they go. Locals seemed pretty non fussed about us white Europeans getting in their bus, they were more intrigued by little Malachi and his mop of blond hair. The bigger town has bizarre Christmas decorations up ( feels strange to be nearly Christmas in this hot dry climate) women selling bananas line the streets so I get one for Malachi…and fresh herbs coriander and parsley yummmm green fresh things ! The super markets are better stocked than I remember...

Tenerife to Sal heading South

Heading south for the Cape Verde Islands back in December. In late November we were involved in film work in La Gomera which we managed to fit in between voyages. It did mean a change in start port for our new voyage crew joining us for the voyage to the Cape Verde islands. We booked them all ferries to travel to Tenerife instead of Las Palmas and we met the three travellers in San Miguel marina on the 27th of November. Grayhound was fully stocked with stores dry and fresh ready for the passage, travelling through out the Cape Verdes and the Atlantic Crossing. Provisions are expensive and seldom in the Cape Verdes so it was important to stock the ship to its full capacity. This meant bringing the ship along side and using the halyards to bring the bags aboard. We were all excited about the passage south, leaving the Canaries and Europe for a taste of Africa. The forecast looked favourable but light for the first week. This passage is renowned for its steady N / NE trade winds so we expected the winds to carry us quickly South. But…….sailing is of course unpredictable , we were certainly not expecting the complete lack of wind that we got for the whole 700 miles. The result of sailing to a time table we had to push on ! Our beautiful shiny red Beta 90 proved its worth and it motored us to Sal in 8 nights. Our voyage crew had therefore a different ocean sailing experience to the one expected. I feel it is true to say they...

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