Accommodation & Food

Grayhound is our home, built with love and loved by us, the family. IMG_1720The Grayhound has been designed to accommodate many different needs and we have drawn on all our knowledge and experience to put together a space that works for us, the permanent crew and you the guest crew. SAM_3066The feed back we are getting is just that… works really well. IMG_1799Our crew and trainees sleep in the aft most cabin under the tiller and have their own space.  The Pilot house is sunk into the deck and is subtly hidden from the outside but when you step into it , it is a light airy voluminous space, a central and social part to the vessel. We use the pilot house to navigate in, shelter from the weather be rain or shine. A sociable area to chat in with coffee, 2013-05-21 16.18.40during the evening the pilot house is lit with warm spot lights to read your book and chill in. From the pilot house some hobbit like Oak steps lead you into the galley area. Freya’s well equipment, spacious and stylish galley allows her to easily cater for her normal 14 crew.P1050140 With P1040869P1050272stainless steel worktops and electric2013-05-21 15.55.41533658_725529417473114_153173801_n (2) catering oven and hob,P1050248 preparing food and cooking is a pleasure and very important P1050046to the ship. Freya is the full time cook onboard.1005781_10151826010582525_382524069_n (2) So guests can relax and muck in as they wish and have a relaxing holiday without having to cook!P1040791 Freya loves to cook with fresh local ingredients and cooks every thing from scratch from pizza bases to cakes. this is our family home and when you join us you join our table. We have been enjoying big bowls of pasta and salads, quiches and roasts this summer. Now we are heading south the produce will become amazing and we will eat to suit the place. We are pretty healthy people and enjoy eating so. We do enough fishing to feed ourselves and no more ! Fishing becomes a big part of our lives and we welcome you to get stuck into catching the dinner too !P1050263 P1050207Marcus and Freya sleep in their hobbit hole cabin off the galley to the starboard so they are right in the action if needed. 2013-05-21 16.23.27Malachi sleeps in his adjacent cabin to his parents and their is a small heads and sink opposite his cabin which is used by everybody. A water tight bulkhead and door divide the galley area with the saloon.994540_725529807473075_93046180_n (2) Entering the saloon our huge Oak table dominates the area. Port and starboard bunks lie above the saloon seating and give the saloon a cosy and communal space. Seventeen people can easily sit around the table to eat, a great atmosphere in here. When warm enough the cargo hatch is lifted to open up the area with a starry sky or a flood of sunshine for breakfast. The saloon accommodates up to five people, one being a double bunk.P1050270

There is no door between the saloon and fore cabin just an archway. the fore cabin accommodates up to five people in dormitory style bunks. SAM_3063There is a heads , sink and shower in the fore cabin. 2013-05-21 16.20.42 The bunks on Grayhound are mostly quite high off the sole, they are wider at the head end and taper at the foot end. They are spacious bunks and all your bed linen is provided on board. The bunks are equipped with lee clothes for when on passage. In the Fore cabin there is a set of forward companion way steps onto deck.

2013-05-21 16.15.06

The Grayhound will be able to accommodate up to eight people on a voyage and up to twelve people for a day or weekend sail. If we are hosting an event alongside we can take many more people on board. We provide bed linen, heavy wet weather and safety gear. 

The Grayhound is a fully coded vessel and complies with all safety regulations and is equipped with all relevant safety equipment on board.