We are very happy to announce Quba & Co. as Grayhound’s new sponsor  !

Quba & Co. is a Devon-based business that offers a unique range of nautically-inspired clothing and accessories. Staffed by a team of locals and those who have chosen to live by the sea, we share our passion for life on, in and beside the water.
Quba products draw heavily on Britain’s rich nautical heritage, with classic pieces such as smocks and traditional knits given a subtle update for the contemporary customer. Sun-faded fabrics, painted boat numbers and salt-bleached colours combine with Quba’s distinctive signature detailing to imbue each piece with its own special character.

At the heart Quba’s unique collection are their Devon made sailcloth jackets, bags and accessories. Whether Dacron, or old canvas, sailcloth is a fantastic medium as it is hand-crafted, it has a history, and ultimately it creates items of beauty and individuality.The Grayhound team are happy to have Quba’s name behind them and to be supporting them. The crew will be wearing these hardy jackets onboard as a crucial part of our crew kit.

Freya hoisting the Quba flag in April

Freya hoisting the Quba flag in April


Marcus wearing his Quba made in Devon jacket

To view their collection visit www.quba.com


Other news on the sponsorship front…..


Treenails for Marcus, Freya & Malachi

Treenails for Marcus, Freya & Malachi

We have used  treenails to fasten the planks and through our successful sponsorship scheme we have 1000’s of messages and named treenails in the hull. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored a treenail. It is a lovely feeling to know that Grayhound is bound together with all your good will and historical messages. She is now a time capsule of information and your names will travel with us all over the world and will live in Grayhound for a long long time………………..

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